Paula Ztnew (paulaztnew) wrote,
Paula Ztnew

Playgroud People/The First Cross Country Meet 10.06.10

So Desi and Neiman are on the Cross Country page in yearbook and decided this year to actually go to a meet. I went along to take my own pictures and just hang out. It was a lot of fun. I think we are going next week too.

When we go there we saw a play structure and decided to have some fun before the races started.

Desi Playground Desi Neiman Desi Desi Desi


Then the races started.


_DSC0105 Jesse Max Max Brian

(^That's not his name^)

Jesse Max Desi Alex Tony


Click here for the rest of the set.


I also got this on my facebook wall after I posted the pictures.

It's little stuff like this that make me happy. I feel like I've been trying to work harder on taking better candids/portraits so it's good to hear stuff like this. It's also cool to look on my news feed and seeing a lot of people using pictures I've taken as their default.

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