May 15th, 2010


My Adventure In San Francisco Yesterday.

So, after school I at some egg salad, got my things together, and went to BART. The whole ride on BART I was freaking out because I thought the show might sell out before I got there or I’d have to wait in line and by the time it was my turn they would be sold out. I don’t know why, why I was freaking out. Anyways, I got there, and raced to Slims. I got there around 5:30 and no one was there. I got my ticket and texted Emily. After talking to her and finding out doors were at 8, I went back a lot of blocks to McDonalds where I saw a bum and a guy almost get in a fight. For some reason the McDonalds made me want to throw up, and even though I gagged a couple times I kept it down. I found a random street to sit at and a couple minutes after sitting down I looked across the street and saw someone else puke. I laughed. I sat for a couple hours alone which was actually really relaxing and nice. I’ve been in a funk al this week, and when that happens I just need time to myself, so sitting on a random street for an hour or two was perfect. It got to be around 7 and I had to go to the bathroom so I walked four or five blocks a way I didn’t know to find a bathroom and did (thank god). I walked back and got to the venue around 7:10. Around 7:30 Emily and her friend go there and we waited together till doors. That was my day. Review of the concert coming soon, but not on here…or buzznet.