March 15th, 2010


$1 Squirrel

Yesterday, after coming home and dropping William off, Jesse, my aunt, and I went to applebees. We had the hottest waiter. He had an amazing accent which we found out was Bulgarian and that he'd been here for three years), nice mustache, and his ass looked good in his uniform. I hadn't seen a hot guy in three days so it was nice. Jesse had pulled out his wallet to leave a tip and found a squirrel dollar. On the plane there was an article in the magazine that wasn't sky mall about folding a dollar into a squirrel. On the way there one kid did it and showed everyone, so on the way back everyone tried to make one. Jesse was one that succeed. We decided to leave it as part of the tip with a note that said "Typical American Squirrel -C.C. Have a nice day".  C.C. stands from Convertible Crew, but that's a different story.