February 11th, 2010


Day 40/365-This is just not going to work.

February 09, 2010
I didn't get to sleep until around 5:30 or 6 because of my cramps. When my mom woke me up she thought I had stayed up all night for no reason and made me go to school. I knew from the moment I got up I wasn't going to stay in school the whole day.
Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: I'm not really sure what happened. I was tired and I just wanted to sleep and not be in pain.
2-History: Left half way through the class.
My mom picked me up and I went straight to bed and slept till around 5 or 6. When I woke up I called Rachael back and invited her to dinner. She came over and we ate whie my mom took this test. After I went with her to See's to help her get Valentines presents for Earl. We also went to Target and Safeway before I came home and went to sleep.

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Song Of The Day: Every Chance I Get-T.I.

Day 41/365-Bottom Line, I love Empires...and Rachael.

February 10, 2010

Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: Kind of did research but I'm never exactly sure what to do in that class.
2-History: Talked with Sam about nonsense.
3-English: Found out we were assigned a project and I was assigned (what they thought) was the worst job, and then I thought I would help them with their stuff. I didn't. I slept instead.
4-Health Academy: Went over stuff I didn't have.
Lunch-ACS meeting.
5-Journalism: I went to a meeting with the colege career center lady. It looks like I won't be finishing high school in an actual school.
6-Business Finance: Did some more work kind of. I knew everything was wrong but I did it.
After school I got some Wingstop and then helped Earl shop for Valentines day presents for Rachael. Then I had to race home and send Earl away so Rachael didn't find out Then Rachael stopped by and gave me the Empires shirt I've been wanting. She left and I spent some time onthe computer. I figured out when I get enough money from my paychecks I want to get this. I need a new hoodie bad and I think this one is really cute. Plus, the company says their clothes are inspired by facial hair. How could I not want stuff from them? I also watched the first episode of the third season of Skins. Not as good at the first two but it isn't bad. I already picked my favorite and decided I will watch the rest of the season and see what happens.

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Song Of The Day: I Fought Piranhas-The White Stripes