February 2nd, 2010


Day 33/365-Another Reason I Hate My School

February 02, 2010
Period Breakdown: Exit Exam Edition
So, I was supposed to take the Exit Exam last year, but the school messed up my credits, and by the time they figured out they had messed up, it was to late for me to take the test, so I have to take it this year.
First Half: I of course got the version 27 )because that number follows me everywhere). Today was English, which was no problem. The questions were easy, and since I'm good at writing he essay part was easy. I finished fast and slept till break.
Second Half: More easy questions. Finished fast. Slept till I could leave.
4-Health Academy: The people who were finished could go back to their forth period class. As I walked up I heard my name being said through the door, then I showed up and every started laughing. They were talking about me because they were reading E-Mentoring emails. I guess mine was okay because Mrs. Gower didn't say anything bad about it. After reading some E-Mails I got my medical terminology book.
Lunch: Walked around with Desi and
5-Journalism: Talked about tests and got work back.
6-Business Finance: Wrote a article review summary thing then edited pictures.

After school I napped, but before I did my GMa asked if I wanted to be woken up for dinner. I said yes. Apparently woken up means a text message, which since my phone is always on silent didn't do anything. Once I woke up I emailed my boss lady person and did more computer things. I also realized that when my mom is asleep I can go in her room and take pretty much anything, like her keys to get an iPod cord out of her car.

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Song Of The Day: Where Were You-Every Avenue