February 1st, 2010


Day 32/365-A Case Of The Mondays

February 01, 2010

It's been a whole month. Oh wow!
Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: Did a lab somehow, even though none of us knew what to do.
2-History: Slept through the video he showed.
Brunch-Learned about Joseph's dream of glorious hair and a horse.
3-English: We were supposed to write and speak about a poet from the Harlem Renaissance, but god forbid anyone do any work in this class. At this point in my day, I just wanted to fork stab everybody I saw.
4-Health Academy: Mrs. Gower lowered the number of questions you need .
Lunch-Most of the couples had left the hallway so it was nice time with the ladies. My mom also forgot to give me lunch money so I was starving, and everyone around me was eating. It was terrible.
5-Journalism: We had a free write so I wrote about GTA because what else was I going to write about?
6-Business Finance: Bombed a make up test and slept.
After school my mama took me to safeway to get food, then when I got home I put in the new bought Inglorious Basterds. Although long, it was as good as I thought it would be. I love Tarantino movies. He always has amazing music, and the colors in this movie were fantastic.
Since then I've been on the computer...yeah.

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Song Of The Day: Say It Ain't So-Weezer