January 21st, 2010


Day 21/365-Aren't You Full Of Suprises!

January 20, 2009

I got up early because I had a craving for doughnuts and so we got some. I love the doughnut place I go to. The people there know me and if they were taking applications I would apply in a heartbeat.
Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech:  Continued a lab my group started yesterday and got to mess with a UV light.
2-History: 'Fought' with Sam over twitter about I guy I don't want to like and .
Brunch-Hated on couples.
3-English: We were told that for a final-ish thing we would reenact a speak easy and that we would need a password (which was told to one student and she was to spread it around which she did a little and I know what it is now!). I'm honestly excited about this, especially since I get to dress up like a flapper.
4-Health Academy: Went over what questions will be on the final. It's probably the one final I'm not too scared of but should be.
Lunch-Explained to Loth was Jersey shore was. She didn't seam impressed.
5-Journalism: Went on flickr and did the assignment (surprisingly).
6-Business Finance: Since I'm almost done with my powerpoint I took the practice medical terminology test for slc and got 64/100, which since I haven't studied from last year isn't bad. I do need to study more though.

It seamed like today I saw a lot of things that I think should have been hallucination but it wasn't. It freaked me out.

After school I didn't go to sleep right away and stayed up and played GTA and then Rachael called. She said her and Earl were going to see The Lovely Bones so I wormed my way into their plans, so they picked me up, we got Panda, and then we saw the movie. I will admit, I cried. Whatever, if you like emotional movies you'll like it.

Now all three of us are watching the Jersey Shore season finale and the reunion.

Song Of The Day: <a href=http://www.mediafire.com/?yomuojouugz>Dynomite-Ima Robot</a>