January 16th, 2010


Day 15-Ridiculously Late

January 15, 2009

Oh god. I am so sorry. I wasn't sure if I was going to a concert last night and then I did so I didn't get to update but I am.
Mama woke me up late again, but not late enough to miss any school.

Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: Learned about stuff I learned about last year.
2-History: Finished the movie and took notes. Also, whenever i say I took notes, it meant I slept because the power points he uses are way to convoluted to take notes from.
Rally-The rally we had was our first ever black light rally and it was kind of awesome. Some of the performances were really good. Some were god awful. Since it was dark more people booed which I approved of. And if you were wondering how my nails turned out under the light, it just looked like I had white out on them.
Brunch-Talked about the rally.
3-English: Started writing about a town tat makes us feel like home/our dream town.
4-Health Academy: Took a practice final. I'm anxious to see how I did.
Lunch-Got lunch kind of late...yeah.
5-Journalism: Leo went on about ow people booed him and improved a story about doing mushrooms with Mr. Haley
6-Business Finance: Pretended to read some articles and we talked about identity theft.

After school I changed and went over to Rachael's. She was still deciding if she wanted to go to AFI. Eventually she decided yes so we got ready and headed out. It was an amazing show in a tiny venue. I got some pictures I'm pretty happy with. I almost met Mark (a friend from buzznet) but I didn't have the time. All in all, good day.

Song Of The Day: Song Of The Day: I Know You Know-Empires
If you don't know this band, get out of my house. No download link again because you should seriously go to weareempires.com, and pay two little dollars for that song and another amazing song. Anyways, check em out and buy the music!