January 15th, 2010


Day 14/365-Almost (Should Have Been) A Sick Day

January 14, 2009

So I went into my room around 12:30 and when I pulled up my blanket I found China (the panda) all cuddled up in the crease of my blanket and it is so ridiculously cute.

Slept. Woke up around 6:30. I figured I would play some GTA before my mom came in to wake me up. Around 7 I thought she was going to come in so I turned it off and laid down, eventually falling asleep. When she does come in, it's 7:50. This was the Conversation:

Mama: So, there's a problem.
Me: What?
Mama: It's 8 O'Clock
Me: *Laughs*

I ended up missing most of first period an got doughnuts for me and Sam for second period.
Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: Got there with five or ten minutes to go so I just sat with my group and did nothing.
2-History: Continued to watch the movie and ate doughnuts.
Brunch-Stood around...that's about it.
3-English: I showed everyone my Gatsby movie (you can watch that here).
4-Health Academy: Did more with emergency child birth. Still don't want to have kids.
Lunch-American Cancer Society meeting. I signed up to do a button fund raiser that'll happen next week. We'll see how that goes.
5-Journalism: We talked about neon tights and downloading music illegally.
6-Business Finance: Worked more on my second quarter project. It's a power point on my dream career, photographer. I 'm going to be using only my photos for the power point and I'm excited to show the class my photography and see what they think.

After school me and Mama were supposed to go visit Rachael (again), but Mama had a weird panic, chill attack. It was weird. I got my first responder book out and tried to help her. I kind of did. Then she went to sleep, so I kind of went to sleep. When I finally did get woken up It was around 8 or 9 and we went over yo Rachael's and ate sloppy josephs. My stomach started acting up and so we went home, and finally I got betterish and am now on the computer.

Song Of The Day: Song Of The Day: Dam Things Over-Empires
If you don't know this band, get out of my house. No download link today because you should seriously go to weareempires.com, listen to the song, and if you like it you should pay the $2 for that song and another amazing song. They aren't signed and the money goes to touring, and if they could get from Chicago to San Francisco that would be fantastic! Anyways, check em out and buy the music!

Also, if anyone wants to get me this or this, my love for you would be eternal, I don't know, lmao.