January 11th, 2010


Day 11/365-Upside Down.

January 11, 2010
My mom took me too school today. On days that I like her, I like her taking me to school, because we can sit in her car (she drops me off in the back of school) and just talk for a little while.

Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: I stayed up still 2AM doing my lab write up to fine out we didn't need to have it done until tomorrow. So I basically tried to look busy.
2-History: We read more about Hardings weird death and took notes.
Brunch-Daisy and Hanna were basically twins and it was adorable.
3-English: Took the Gatsby test that think I did okay on.
4-Health Academy: Practiced taking blood pressure (again).
Lunch-I remembered how much I missed spicey kitchen. I also saw Kayla's shoe tied backwards. I've seen a three loop knot but not upside down tie.
5-Journalism: Talked about TAs and their .
6-Business Finance: Slept all period.

Got home and took an amazing nap.

I also remembered today that when me and my friends get in a fight, I'm never the one to say sorry or to try and start the friendship again. It's probably a bad thing but it kind of makes me feelgood because people want to be around me.

The rest of my night will consist of editing the rest of the Gatsby movie me and my friends made (I'll post a link tomorrow) and doing the classwork (which was thankfully homework) from business finance.

Song Of The Day: Stay With Me-You Me At Six
Their new album came out across the pond today. It's not on the US itunes though. When it is though, if you have the time or money you should get it. If you don't have money you can ask for a download link and if I like you I might give it to you (which means I will).