January 10th, 2010


Day 9/365

January 9, 2010 Sorry for posting late again. Going to try and not make this a habit. Today was slugish and nice. I went to bed around 5:30 in the morning. I woke up around 11 because I thought I had a job summary thing at 12. Turns out it was at 2. The job sounds simple enough for me and I think I'll make a good amount of money for me to get what I need, but I won't know that last part for a while. My brother drove me there and back both times thought, which I appreciate. He then drove me to my house to pick up my money and Canada (and since my Alternative Press got there, that too) and then drove me to my true love, Chipotle. On the way to Chipotle, I was flipping through Alternative Press backwards (something I got from my mom) and saw this. My quote about my brother concerning The Hangover. I was kind of shocked. I just took the poll randomly and then boom. Me, Earl, Rachael, and Earl's friend Jon thought it was hilarious. I'm going to show the rest of my family tomorrow. Eventually Earl left and me and Rachael watched Edge Of Seventeen and played Trivial Pursuit (with a score of 1-1). She also made spaghetti! Today wasn't too busy but I enjoyed it. Song Of The Day: Spit The Dark-Empires

Day 10/365-Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Sunday

January 10, 2010

Around 1am, I went downstairs (in Rachael's apartment) with my brother's labtop. I put in season two of South Park and got to work. I pt a lot of pictures into a lot of groups (on flickr) an made a compilation of My Favorites Of 09: Concerts (my favorite pictures I took of concerts in 2009) and My Favorites Of 09: People (my favorite pictures I took of people/friends in 2009). Places and things are up next. I went to bed around 6 or 7 AM and slept till around 4:30-5 pm. When I got up Rachael, Earl, and Jon were all watching a football game upstairs, so I went and hung out with them. Jon left after a while, and after a couple rounds of Trivial Pursuit and Dinner, Earl drove me home. I think the rest of my night might consist of a shower and some homework.

These are Rachael's hospital bracelets.

Song Of The Day: We Are Birds (Brighten Cover)-Mindy White