January 6th, 2010


Day 6/365

January 6, 2010

Got in a fight with my mom first thing this morning. She always gets mad when I
m upset with her. I'm just sick of her acting like a 17 and not taking her parental responsibilities.

It seams like the more sleep I get, the more tired I become at school. It's ether that or I'm already bored with school.

Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: We did a lab that wasn't really a lab, just cutting and tapping paper. We had to show the teach between steps, expect when I tried to showed her, she ignored me. The girl that sits in front of me had to yell that I needed her help to get her attention. Then when I told her, she asked if I had done a step she hadn't explained yet. She never explains anything the whole way through, and then expects everyone to know. Also, the kid that looks like a tanner version of Blake was wearing a scarf again. I wish he was appealing in ways other then looks.
2-History: It was solemn at first with a song about lynching (which the teacher turned off all the lights in the room to listen to, and I still haven't figured that one out), then we took boring notes.
Brunch-Now with Kayla in a couple, three couples form a triangle where me and my 'friends' hang out.
3-English: Since I was gone yesterday, me and the other people who were gone were sent to a table in the back to read chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby with a chapter 7 quiz to finish while we read, and gives everyone else in the class the quiz. About five or ten minutes later she started going over the quiz with the rest of the class, giving me and the other two girs that were absent the answers. Then everyone in class started reading chapter 8, but having already made The Great Gatsby movie, I know everything that happens. I should know by reading the book, but I don't read books that much, so yeah.
4-Health Academy: I learned how to take blood pressure. It seams simple enough but I know that I'll have some sort of problem with it.
Lunch-Got lunch (which took longer then it should have) and found out that chili cheese burritos are not that good. I also went to an ACS (American Cancer Society) meeting.
5-Journalism: Texting Rachael and talkig about how girl hoes are bad (but needed) and how male hoes are nice if they're hawt.
6-Business Finance: Had our second quarter explained to us. We probably would have gotten more done, but my class never stops asking questions. It's kind of hilarious.

I found out today that Rachael had an infected gal bladder and was going to have surgery today. I kind of knew something was wrong but I didn't know it was that bad. I wanted to go see her but I had no way of getting to her.

Also, my mom is gone until Friday, which leaves me alone with my grandparents till then. I really don't think I can bite my tongue until then. They remind me EVERYDAY what time i need to go to my room. And then they text me saying it's time. I'M NOT FUCKING 6. I CAN TELL TIME.

Song Of The Day: Into Your Arms (acoustic)-The Maine