Paula Ztnew (paulaztnew) wrote,
Paula Ztnew

Day 27/365-First Day Of Finals

January 27, 2010

Almost was late this morning but then I wasn't.

Period Breakdown: Finals Edition
1-BioTech: So, I re-read the directs over and over again, making sure what I was doing sounded right and looked right, and it did. I was the second one to turn it in. Then the teacher
Break-Jesse came by the group again today. Still weirds me out a little.
2-History: We had some time to spare, where me and Sam talked about getting Set Your Goal tickets. Then we took the test. It was like ay other chapter test, but it was for chapter 12 AND 13. After that I watched Sam draw this little guy.

After school, my Mom and one of her guy friends took me to Subway. Then when I got home I played some GTA, took a goooooood nap, and am now

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Song Of The Day: <a href="">To Be Continued…-Set Your Goals</a>

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