Paula Ztnew (paulaztnew) wrote,
Paula Ztnew

Day 26/365-I love the 20's

January 26, 2010
Period Breakdown:
1-BioTech: Kind of got stuff together for the final.
2&3-The Speak Easy: I was in a group with Melissa, Valeria, and Leo. It was a lot of fun to me. Me and Melissa (and one time with Sema'j) played with Quija board (even though I'm not sure we were supposed to), while Leo and Valeria freaked out because it was "against they're religion". I also drank a lot of the sparkling cider.
4-Health Academy: 'Studied' and talked about dreams with the people who sit behind me.
Lunch-HOSA meeting.
5-Journalism: Finished my business finance second quarter project.
6-Business Finance: Finally did my presentation (after some technical difficulties, of course).
I noticed today that the more attractive boys who all wore scarfs yesterday, didn't wear scarfs today. Also, some time in the day I texted Rachael Total Eclipse Of The Heart lyrics. How am I still single?

After school I played some GTA (I'm doing so good but I still haven't unlocked the other side of the map) and waited around for Rachel and Earl to pick me up. When they did we went to the grocery store. They played some *Nsync while we were inside grocery store and me and Rachael did our boy band moves and made Earl jealous (again, how am I still single?).  Then I helped Rachael make a good dinner and watched some Chopped with Rachael and Earl before going home and passing out.

I  put up my <a href="">NeverShoutNever</a> pictures as well. Take a look if you have a second.

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Song Of The Day: <a href="">Faster Ride-Cartel</a>

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