Paula Ztnew (paulaztnew) wrote,
Paula Ztnew

Day 16/365-Why does this keep happening?

January 16, 2009

I know why. I don't upload during the day because I don't want anything to be left out, then I have late nights and fall asleep before I can update.

Anyways, my day. Got home late from seeing AFI and did Fridays 365 then slept till 9:30. I meant to sleep till 10:30 but I've just been waking up. Played some GTA then went downstairs and edited all my AFI pictres (which I should have up later/tomorrow). Around the time I got done with that I started getting ready for the rest of my day. 

Eventually Sam came and picked me up. We went and got my hair dye and a dozen doughnuts, then we headed over to Rachael's. At Rachael we ate doughnuts an wingstop and did hair. Sam did two steaks of blue/teal, which works so well with her black low lights. Rachael bleached a little part of her hair then did blue/teal in it. You can't really see the blue but when you do it's really pretty. I re-did my brunette and bleached part. My bags didn't turn out as light as I wanted them to so I think I'm going to re-do them Monday.

After we did hair me, Rachael, and Earl went to play poker again (the picture is me 'sleeping' in the back seat while we cross the bridge). I came in third this time. I decided to rest through the second game since I was tired and on the verge of being sick. After it was all over, some of the people who payed poker went to IN N Out and got some good food. Also Rachael's cousin said something ridiculously racist and I laughed so hard.

Song Of The Day: <a href= Song Of Yesterday: Every Band In The USA-The Fold>Every Band In The USA-The Fold</a>

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